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Everything going on today, we adapt, progress and keep ahead for a safer approach to our works for our staff & clients alike

We are busy working on some exciting projects for local authorities, schools and our loyal partners.
We are managing projects including where crumbling concrete, RAAC issues are found.
We can deliver temporary and long term classrooms, clinics, nurseries and offices.
Full turn key ready to use.
Contact us today to progress your project and schedule your build.

Cabin Group


We predominantly work on referrals and almost 100% of our projects have come from recommendations.
We design, manufacture and build exciting classrooms, outdoor buildings and play spaces.
We have fined tuned our products to offer the best quality-to-value ratio.
We offer a unique product and service at a local level.

We Care About the Details

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure our clients get what they expect. We are normally booked up months in advance and have realised there is no point adding more teams if our quality of service is compromised. We have dedicated qualified teams and a constant training program and only add a team when we feel they meet our clients demanding expectations.

Look Further Than You Can See

A website or web page or blog is just text and you cant feel or physically see what is being offered. A phone call will help, it is better than an email. We meet you face to face to discuss your project on site. We only take on new projects once we have availability and we do not try and invite extra business unless we can accommodate it.

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Cabin Group

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